Generation F


Generation F

Who rules the world today? People who react quickly, speak about interesting things, share their knowledge with others, and are also known as Generation F.  Maxim Behar’s newest book tells how and why this is influenced by social media to a huge extent - a place where everyone is a public figure, the exchange of information happens with the speed of light and decisions need to be taken at the spot. Generation F presents the newest trends in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It includes the opinion of 19 other famous people and a commentary on 50 key topics in the digital world.

Translated also in English, the book is “a great analysis of the way the world has changed and how it will continue to change in the future, written by someone who has lived and driven those changes. “ (Paul Holmes, in his foreword for Generation F).

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111 Rules on Facebook


111 Rules on Facebook

There is no other book like this one, which was written first online and then on paper. It contains 111 rules that Maxim Behar was posting on Facebook every day for three months. They are synthesized principles, originally posted in English, which the author follows and in which he truly believes. The book is pocket size and easily turns into an everyday manual for people who have to take important decisions or simply for those looking for a little sip of inspiration. It also has a version in Portuguese.

Why three times 1? This sends a message to all readers that these rules aim to motivate them to always reach out for the first place.

And so… Rule#1.  "Worst decision is better than no decision."

“Then which one is #2?”

Secondary Instinct


Secondary Instinct

…Or how come it happened that nothing really happened. In his first book Maxim Behar talks about the past of Poland and Bulgaria, and about the reforms that occurred (or not) in these two countries.  Initially, these were two countries that had very similar starting positions but ultimately followed completely different paths to Europe.

Secondary Instinct tells the story of two parallel worlds using authentic publications of the author, who worked as a correspondent in Poland during the democratic transition. The book also contains face to face interviews with eminent figures such as Leszek Balcerowicz , Václav Havel,  Lech Wałęsa, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Dragoslav Avramovic and Felipe González. It became a bestseller in Bulgaria in 2000-2001, but remains relevant for the Bulgarian reality even nowadays.