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Маxim Behar talking for Bulgaria and Schengen on Nova TV

11 December 2018

The Bulgarian diplomat and PR Expert Maxim Behar participated in the “Plus-Minus” show on Nova TV, providing his opinion that there is no reason for the postponed membership of Bulgaria in the Schengen zone.

Bulgaria has been a member of the European Union and Mr. Behar emphasized the delay is due to political reasons and ineffectiveness of the old-fashioned manner of work in the EU structures. He pointed out that the corruption is not an adequate justificatiоn for the long waiting for Schengen, even more, our country stays underrated in comparison to member states as Italy and Portugal. “In my opinion, the absurdity during these 12 years, is that Bulgaria and Romania are treated in a very disadvantaged manner – as the spare tire of the EU or as the people who need to pray for something,” stated Mr. Behar.

The diplomat reminded also that “Bulgaria stays out of Schengen Agreement just because "borders are not safe" and immigrants can come to the other European through its territory, on the other hand, millions of immigrants came through Italy, Spain went straight to Germany, France, Belgium, and Scandinavia. It is not "two directions Europe", it is undoubted bad attitude against a full EU member, its citizens, and business, which should not continue even a single day more... Modern and tolerant diplomacy cannot work anymore in this case.” 

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