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Maxim Behar reveals the 11 most important global trend is PR for 2019

14 January 2019

At the beginning of 2019, the globally renown PR expert Maxim Behar has started to reveal the 11 most important global trends in PR which will rule the upcoming 12 months with his thousands of followers worldwide.

The significant rules can be read on his social media profiles in, Twitter and Instagram and will be published every day starting January 14 and ending January 24, 2019. Maxim Behar encourages everyone who follows him to start a discussion and share his opinion so to build a constructive dialogue in the name of the development of PR, that's the way of bringing 2019 on a higher level. So stay tuned!

"Sharing knowledge and also creating a field for discussion is always priceless!" states Маxim, the CEO of the leading Public Relations firm in Bulgaria M3 Communications Group, Inc. аnd past ICCO President.

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