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ICCO Presidency

Business Leader of The Year - b2b Media Awards

Maxim Behar - Communicator of the Decade

M3 Communications Group, Inc announced Agency of the Year

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Maxim Behar and Alexander Hristov discuss the topic of fake news and the role of media on Bulgaria on Air

The PR expert Maxim Behar talks about tourism during the summer season 2017 on Bulgaria on Air TV

Maxim Behar speaks about the fear of terrorism - consequences and measures

Maxim Behar - special guest in the TV show The World is Business of the Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

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Maxim Behar's Birthday 2015

Party like rock stars!

Maxim Behar sings at the BBLF's 8th Annual Charity Ball

Maxim Behar and Sara Gusheva sing "Dano"(Let's hope) for charity, 2014