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11 Most important global trends in PR for 2019

Маxim Behar talking for Bulgaria and Schengen on Nova TV

The Night of The Amazing Awards!

The Great Years of ICCO Presidency

The most important topics for 2016: Maxim Behar for BG on Air TV

Maxim Behar as a guest at the show "Rich and Famous" on BTV

Maxim Behar at Business "Lady Show"

Maxim Behar - Life Begins at 60 (Birthday Party)

M3 Communications Group, Inc.corporate movie (2004)

Maxim Behar: Back to the Machinery factory where he spent 5 years as worker in the 70s

Maxim Behar on PR and arrogance at TV 7 Channel

Happy B-Day Song to Maxim Behar by Ruth Koleva

Idan Raichel Concert in Sofia - Awarding on behalf of Bulgarian Red Cross

Useful Tips from the PR Expert Maxim Behar

Maxim Behar Commenting the Weekly News on BTV

Maxim Behar commentary for Evropa TV Channel

Maxim Behar on Social Media and Elections - TV7

Maxim Behar on Carnaval de Victoria in Seychelles - BG National TV

Maxim Behar on Bulgarian National TV Reality Show

Maxim Guest at the Mornig Show on BG on Air TV

Maxim Behar's performance at the Evening of the Virtues 2014

Maxim Behar at ICCO Global Summit 2015

Maxim Behar Communicator of the Decade - ABCI 52nd Annual Awards

M3 Rocks - Enjoy the website video

Maxim Behar - TEDx Talk

M3 Communications' CEO Maxim Behar about the future of Facebook and personal data on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

Maxim Behar shares his opinion on the topic of Facebook and personal data regulations on Bulgaria on Air TV

Maxim Behar - PR expert talked about developing a strategy for using social media in business on BNT

Maxim Behar's presentation on the Fake News topic for the conference of Romanian Association for Public Relations in Bucharest

Maxim Behar on political systems troubles in the modern world on Bulgaria on Air TV

Maxim Behar on Public Relations in the Modern World and Hall of Fame on Blooberg TV

Maxim Behar's Academical Graduation Speech for the Medical University in Pleven

Maxim Behar's Birthday 2015 - Life Begins at 60

How to make quality PR - explains Maxim Behar

Maxim Behar in Bloomberg TV on the Honorary Consuls Association and Bulgarian EU Presidency

Maxim Behar and Alexander Hristov discuss the topic of fake news and the role of media on Bulgaria on Air

The PR expert Maxim Behar talks about tourism during the summer season 2017 on Bulgaria on Air TV

Maxim Behar speaks about the fear of terrorism - consequences and actions

Maxim Behar - special guest in the TV show The World is Business of the Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

Maxim Behar speaks about the price of culture.

Maxim Behar discuss the most expensive divorce in China

PR expert Maxim Behar and the singer Nina Nikolina talk about the first day of school

Maxim Behar again in the studio of „Predi Obed”, discussing disabled people’s rights.

Today everybody talks about… Marius Donkin

Maxim Behar in bTV's broadcast „Predi obed“

At bTV the PR expert Maxim Behar discussing hot topics from Bulgaria.

Maxim Behar Talks about One Ministry's Advertising in Bulgaria ON AIR TV Show „Bulgaria Morning“

Maxim Behar - guest in Bulgaria on Air show „The Day on Air“

Maxim Behar at Evrocom TV show „Resonance“

Business Leader of The Year - b2b Media Awards

Maxim Behar's Birthday 2015

Party like rock stars!

Maxim Behar - Communicator of the Decade

M3 Communications Group, Inc announced Agency of the Year

M3 Communications Group, Inc 20 years B-day party

Interview - World Communication Forum in Moscow

Agency of the Year - BAPRA Bright Awards

Novinite „Personality of the Year“ Awarding

Novinite Annual Awards

10 years

Inside M3 Communications Group, Inc., 2008

M3 Communications Group, Inc. - After the beginning

The First Bulgarian Award for M3 Team

M3 gadgets - the first Canon Camera

M3 gadgets - the first computer

Maxim Behar's tips for event management

Maxim Behar – guest in the BNT's show "More from the Day"

Maxim Behar at „Direct“ show in TV Bulgaria on Air

Maxim Behar sings at the BBLF's 8th Annual Charity Ball

Highlights of ICCO Global Summit 2015

Maxim Behar: Every Bulgarian who does his job with passion is successful

Maxim Behar: New media has already changed PR industry

Maxim Behar: Journalism is dying

Maxim Behar on BBLF 2014 Responsible Business Awards

Maxim Behar and Sara Gusheva sing "Dano"(Let's hope) for charity, 2014

Maxim Behar in 'Pass it forward' TV show, bTV 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge - Bulgaria, 2014

Maxim Behar on Ukraine and Bulgarian politics in bTV show Sunday Morning, 2014

Maxim Behar jumps with parachute

Maxim Behar performs at Cherry on the Cake TV Show, Nova TV, Bulgaria

Maxim Behar: Generation F Trailer

Maxim Behar on Bulgaria, Bulgarians, Politics and Business ТV7

What is the formula for a successful modern media?

Paragliding Jump Czech Republic 2013

New leaders will be business oriented, TV7

Maxim Behar on PR and Social Media in BBT TV Channel

Maxim Behar's words on National Holiday

Interview on VTV TV Channel talk show "The Week", 2013

Maxim Behar on Silvena Rowe's Cooking Show, bTV 2013

Maxim Behar's first movie on Seychelles

Maxim Behar addresses the participants of the Annual Ukrainian PR Awards, 2013

Talk about women in a BBT Talk Show

Maxim Behar marks the 9th birthday of Facebook, TV7 2013

Facebook and daily business - TV7, 2013

Maxim Behar on Bulgarian and British Labour Market, 2013

Maxim Behar interviewed on Seychelles by EBF Channel

Manager of the Year 2012

The World in a Social Media Chaos

Social Media and Religion, 2012

Print media's future, 2012

ABCI - Interview with Maxim Behar

Maxim Behar interviewed for EBF Business TV Channel in Bulgaria

Maxim Behar on Bulgarian National Holiday for TV7, 2012

Maxim Behar - the Maria Sylvester's show first guest, Nova TV

Maxim Behar on Social Media in a Sunday's Talk Show at BNT

Maxim Behar at Comfest 2012

Cannes Festival 2011

Maxim Behar in Nova TV talk show on Bulgaria's Branding Abroad

Maxim Behar Guest at Ivan and Andray's Show

Maxim Behar on Seychelles in TV show "The Globe", BTV

Interview from Communication on Top Forum, Davos, 2010

All You Need is Love - Maxim Behar's 55th Birthday Party

Maxim Behar's book "111 Rules on Facebook" - BNT

Maxim Behar moderates the closing show of Vip Brother 2009, Nova TV

Maxim Behar's 50th birthday surprise

Maxim Behar's 50th Birthday Party

Interesting meeting: Prince Charles and M3 Communications Group, Inc.

'Poland as it is' - a movie filmed and directed by Maxim Behar, 1991