Maxim Behar: When you lose, don’t lose the lessons

COVID - 19 brought Bulgaria close to a pandemic breakout. What is important now is the reaction of every single person, as well as the decisions that business leaders have to make. These and other topics were discussed by PR expert Maxim Behar in his last interview on BGONAIR TV. " Whatever measures are taken and no matter how doctors proceed, if there isn’t good communication, if professionals who are prepared for adequate crisis response in such cases are not used, the messages can become misleading. So it happened – the state declared an emergency because of the Coronavirus and the stands in the supermarkets soon were empty ",  he said emphasizing the importance of the government forming a group of communication experts.

On the question of how this pandemic will affect the business, the PR expert said that right now PR agencies have a unique chance to show their professionalism in crises. Surely tourism and the airline business will change completely, travel will be drastically reduced, but at the same time, we will realize that it is not so bad to stay at home. Now that we can't go to the movies, theaters, and bars, we have to spend some time with our loved ones, and why not enjoy some good, interesting reading.

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Facing nowadays situation, this guide is particularly suitable and appropriate.

 " When you lose, don’t lose the lessons " said Mr. Behar, quoting the great Dalai Lama.


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