Maxim Behar reveals the secret to successful leadership at Leader Talks

The PR expert Maxim Behar revealed what the most important lessons about leadership were at Leader Talks initiative last Monday. The event, held in the Court Club House, was organized by the Association of Bulgarian leaders and entrepreneurs (ABLE).

During his lecture Maxim Behar inspired all the guests and shared curious stories and valuable leadership advice. According to him, a leader usually understands that he has become one long after it has already happened. A true leader keeps on learning and improving his skills every day and that is the secret of his success. Besides these tips on leadership, Maxim Behar explained to the audience how he became the Honorary Consul of the Seychelles, how he met Jacques Attali and what makes him stay up late. He expressed his joy that he is able to communicate with young and motivated people and highlighted the fact that actually these people are the main reason for him to stay in Bulgaria. The guests had the opportunity to take photos with the lecturer. The bravest guests that asked interesting questions won some of the popular books of Mr. Behar.

Leader Talks are monthly events, which aim to inspire leadership and promote entrepreneurial mindset. Famous Bulgarian leaders are invited to talk about leadership and share their experience, knowledge and know-how from their area of expertise.

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