Maxim Behar is a judge of European Business Awards 2019

This year's European Business Awards took place on 3 and 4 December in Warsaw, Poland. Maxim Behar was an official guest and regularly judged the awards, thanks to his exceptional talent and experience in the business community. Behar juried in 2 categories out of 18 - The Workplace and People Development Award and The Chairman's Selection Award, giving his advice and impressions to the participants of the event.

The annual European Business Awards were held
 for the 12th consecutive time, and this year the National winner was A Data Pro, qualifying for the final stage at the European level. The CEO, Ilia Krastev, comments that innovation is part of the company's corporate strategy for leadership.

European Business Awards is an independent competition that seeks to distinguish the best companies and to foster entrepreneurial spirit and innovation among the business community in Europe. This year, more than 24 000 companies were competing to win a place, among which the selected companies demonstrated leadership and exchanges between them. The three main principles of the awards are Innovation, Ethics and Financial Success. The PR expert, Maxim Behar, had the opportunity to meet friends and colleagues during the Gala to share his impressions of the event.

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