Maxim Behar's 'Generation F' Premieres in Bulgaria, Amazon

Generation F will certainly rule the world, according to leading Bulgarian PR expert and journalist, Maxim Behar.

Behar presented Monday evening his latest book, "Generation F - They Rule the World Today," dedicated to the Facebook, Twitter, and social networks generation.

A reporter of informed that Behar's guests included a number of politicians, journalists, authors, artists, citizens, some of the celebrities, who contributed to the book – Martin Zahariev, Solomon Passy, Lyubomir Stoykov, Nikolay Kanchev, Georgi Mamalev, and others from the Bulgarian cultural and political elite.

The author writes in his book that in today's world traditional values, such as morals, integrity, and respect, will be swept by the need to make instantaneous decisions, be uncompromisingly fast, and make no mistakes.

According to Behar, the book is simply an opinion, a long post on a wall of any social media about things that happen around us daily.

The book has managed to avoid redundancy and offers a tribune for many prominent Bulgarians. It is a kaleidoscope of personalities and different viewpoints of people from Generation F.

Behar believes that a contemporary politician without a social network profile is a politician without much future and without a vision.

"Accept my book as a Facebook profile. This is what is nice about modern world – it is transparent and all of you can be my critics," the author told his guests.

He forecasted that in the not-so-distant future, monitors will be embedded in modern goggles for social networks connection.

The book, both in Bulgarian and in English, is available on Amazon.

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