Bulgarian PR expert Maxim Behar at a meeting with Serbian students in Kopaonik together with the Warlick and Passy families.

Warlick, Passy Families, Maxim Behar Teach Serbian Students about EU

The Warlick and Passy families and Bulgarian PR expert Maxim Behar have met with a large group of Bulgarian and Serbian students to teach them about the EU.

US Ambassador to Bulgaria James Warlick, his wife and US Ambassador to Serbia Mary Warlick, former Bulgarian Foreign Minister Solomon Passy and his wife and ex Bulgarian EU Affairs Minister Gergana Passy, as well as Bulgarian PR expert Maxim Behar attended Sunday a meeting with students in the Serbian mountain resort of Kopaonik to discuss Bulgaria's experience with EU integration.

US Ambassador to Bulgaria James Warlick emphasized the regional importance of energy project, his wife, Ambassador Marry Warlick discussed the political issue thatSerbia faces, while Gergana Passy presented to the students interesting stories from Bulgaria's long road to EU membership.

"These meetings now are too important, and the more frequent they are, the better prepared Serbia will be about is EU membership. We have a lot to tell to our Serbian friends, and I happy that we had this opportunity. I think that Serbia's road to the EUgoes through NATO membership, and I hope that our friends here today have understood my message," stated Solomon Passy, who is the President of theAtlantic Club in Bulgaria, and was one of the co-organizers of the meeting in Kopaonik.

More than 100 participants were divided into panels discussing all aspects of Bulgaria'sEU membership, the difficulties it encountered along the way, the advantages of EUmembership, and the need for timely information.

"Serbia's EU membership is largely connected with changing this country's international image. This was the topic that I emphasized, together with the way that social media can help for the faster understanding of the EU in Serbia," said in turn Maxim Behar, who is a member of the Board of the Atlantic Club in Bulgaria and manages the leading Bulgarian PR company M3 Communications Group, Inc.

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