The Third Edition of The Social Media Bible is out. The Chapter on Bulgaria Written by Maxim Behar

Bulgaria has been included for the very first time in The Social Media Bible, a global bestseller by Lon Safko, thanks to Bulgarian PR guru Maxim Behar.

Behar has authored the Chapter on Bulgaria in "The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success", after the publisher invited him to explain the influence of social media in his native country.

"Bulgaria is undoubtedly a social media country. This is true not only because it is ranked 55th among the world's countries on Facebook with almost 2.5 million users, but also because Bulgaria is full of young, intelligent, very enthusiastic, and quite ambitious people. The characteristics of the market - relatively stable with an extremely attractive tax policy and good niches for business - mean that many ideas and sales initiatives are able to find customers and places to thrive," Behar writes in The Social Media Bible.

"I am really excited about having a feature story on how Bulgaria uses social networks in my new book, The Social Media Bible, Third Edition! They are so far ahead of many other countries and the people there really understand the importance of connecting as a society! Thank you Maxim, thank you Bulgaria!" author Lon Safko stated.

Full text of Behar's Essay on Bulgaria in The Social Media Bible:

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