Maxim Behar

Maxim Behar in a TV Interview: "Bulgaria is a Place Where People Can Get Accomplished

It is high time for the state and the business sector to wake up and to start working together so that Bulgaria gains worldwide popularity as a top business destination, Maxim Behar has advised in a Thursday interview for Bulgaria on Air TV channel.

The founder and CEO of M3 Communications Group Inc. highlighted the profitable tax policy and the positive attitude of Bulgarian businesses towards foreign investors as the key advantages of the country.

"It is essential that the government and investors maintain a good dialogue," Behar noted.

"Business can only go up when the government and investors stop complaining and start working in a very pragmatic manner," Maxim Behar argued.

"If the business sector is better aware of the government's profile and the government is better aware of the ideas of the business sector, the probability of making the leap up will increase substantially," he added.

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