Maxim Behar Hosts a 40-points Dinner at NOVA TV's Reality Show Chereshkata na Tortata (The Cherry on Top of the Cake)

M3's CEO Maxim Behar stars at Chereshkata na Tortata this week and last night he hosted a delightful dinner for his four guests - Irina Florin, Milena Zlatkova, Stefan Valdobrev, and Misho Shamara.

The PR expert started the day at the office, after which he took on the shopping list. Mr. Behar stopped by a number of different small neighborhood stores, as well as a big supermarket, to find all the necessary ingredients for the dinner, and surprised the show producers with his creative menu ideas.

Once at his home, Maxim Behar took off the tie and put on the chef's apron to cook a three-course delightful dinner. The variety in the courses, their presentation, the good wine served with them, together with the relaxed atmosphere, got Maxim Behar a total of 40 points and the highest score in this week's show. Thus, in addition to being recognized as the Bulgarian PR expert, Mr. Behar was also recognized as "The Perfect Host".

Watch the show here.

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