Bulgarian Expert at Global Forum: Ethics, Honesty Will Guarantee PR Business

Ethics and honesty are key pre-conditions for success in today's global PR business, Bulgarian PR guru Maxim Behar has told the participants at the world summit of the International Communication Consultancy Association.

"Modern management in PR business today rests on two major factors – pragmatism and immediate decision making," he stressed in his speech at the global PR forum, which took place October 1-2, in Sintra, Portugal.

The summit meeting of the International Communications Consultancy Organization (ICCO) takes places once every five years. Behar was the one representative from Eastern Europe. A year ago, the top Bulgarian PR expert was elected member and Treasurer of the ICCO Executive Committee.

The 2011 ICCO summit brought together more than 280 world-renowned PR experts from over 35 countries including Paul Holmes, Lord Chadlington, Lou Capozzi, ICCO President Richard Houghton, among others.

"Many things have changed in modern world, and especially in PR business in the recent years, but in spite of all changes ethics and honesty remain the major factor for this business, and only they can guarantee its development," Behar told the ICCO summit in Sintra.

He emphasized that even a delay of several minutes could be fatal for the business of a PR company or a client in today's world.

"Knowledgeable leaders who aren't afraid of making decisions, being online 24/7, and entering honest battles for their clients' dignity are the ones who are successful in PR business," Behar said.

His participation in the ICCO summit in Portugal has been viewed as a major recognition for the Bulgarian PR business.

Behar, who is the CEO of Bulgaria's largest PR agency M3 Communications Group, Inc., has chaired the Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies (BAPRA). He is the Deputy Chair of the Bulgarian Business Leaders' Forum, and a member of the boards of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria and Junior Achievement Bulgaria.

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