Home office is the new business


When we get out of the current crisis, we need to become not only better people but better managers as well.

Maxim Behar


So, what happened was hardly expected in the business – from now on we have long weeks and probably months, of work from home. And no one was prepared for such a case. We had financial, economic, food and more crises, we were without power and water, we had empty shops and blocked streets… But a crisis like that was never considered, even in the most unexpected sci-fi movies we have ever imagined of.

We never thought that there is a chance to work only from home.

For many of you, it is impossible to work that way – where the mass productions are, where people are taken care of, bank counters, shops and thousands of other places - there is no way home office could work for these sectors. However, for many professions, this is now not only possible but required and obligatory.

In the genesis of thoughts and feelings is that there is no way the whole nation (maybe even the whole world) to be in a state of emergency and our offices – not to be. Even more - the state somehow has enormous resources and - I hope - a good working engine, while offices, companies, enterprises and different businesses need a "total change" in their new life of emergency, breaking new grounds.

The first and most important rule isForget that something out of the ordinary is happening and behave as if we were to go to work early in the morning. It may even seem a little extreme, and perhaps crazy, but getting up at the hour we usually do every normal day, getting dressed, as well as the time in front of the mirror - gives us the confidence that we are going to work. These are the habits that we normally associate with our work rhythm. Above all, now we can break free from the time spend on public transport and get away with the traffic jams which are something casual in the big cities. Those are some of the great advantages of a home office that can’t be dismissed. All in all - we should go to work - the good news is that we already are at work.

Right after realizing that we should set the environment so that to feel comfortable and cozy while working. This is the most difficult task for us – of course, we need to feel good while working but mostly we need to be strict with ourselves and not let falling behind with the tasks in the office or with our clients. Especially important is that for a journalist who has to give clear information to their readers.

But there is another risk - constant distracting. The TV, the kids, the partner, Facebook friends, the neighbors… there is always someone who will distract our attention, and in the end, overcoming this risk is fundamental for our iron self-discipline. The companies where we all work, without exception, are having a difficult time and we are always there to help them and help ourselves as well. Without a very high degree of loyalty, motivation and - as I said self-discipline, this is impossible. In difficult times, managers, customers, colleagues expect from us immeasurably more than in "peacetime" and we have to give it to them if we want to stay in business.

A huge advantage is to choose a good video call program/app, a real-time experience that connects you not only with colleagues and clients from all around the world, but also with loved ones and friends who support you - people with whom you share opinions, concerns, and most of all, an experience of living in an isolate and secluded environment. In my office, we chose Zoom, ignoring the already known Skype or Go to meetings and the choice was very good. With that app we make daily conferences with the various departments or sectors in my company. I also gather in extraordinary circumstances the Board of the World Communication Forum in Davos, of which I am president. Those are people from over 15 countries, living in many different time zones, still - in real-time the program is doing great.

Now more than ever, it is important not to "over-communicate" or to go into lengthy and unnecessary explanations with colleagues or clients. The danger of confusing communication is not to be underestimated. We all know very well what is happening on social media and to what gigantic confusions are leading the misunderstandings, especially now that people are much more upset. Speak briefly and clearly, give your opinion accurately and strictly. It’s good to write down in advance what you have to say because the ultimate goal is to understand and get the job done.

After all, real-time video communication is the thinnest moment of working in the new environment, because all the confusion can come from there. That's why - when it comes to business, everyone should be behind a desk, table or in a place that is closest to office conditions, which will mobilize you and make you equal with each other on-screen.

Avoid video meetings with more than 10 - 12 people, even try to add as little as possible members. That is how the reach becomes better, the messages clearer and the whole conversation is pragmatic and has some real results. Pragmatic is the most accurate word we need to use in every minute of our business conversations, in our relationships with colleagues, customers and partners. Now is not the time for emotions and long explanations, everyone needs to know their exact tasks, to complete them on time, to read, to read a lot, and to take notes about all the interesting things we learn about the new way of life and to immediately share this information with the people around us. However – being at home, sometimes we feel upset, perhaps even confused but we must remember that we are at work for both our clients and our colleagues.

Last but not least - one of the most important things is the peace that comes as a consequence of good organization. Take walks, even at home between the rooms or in front of the block, often open the windows at home, read books and watch YouTube videos that will advise you how to stay calm and how to be balanced and positive with your loved ones and your colleagues and customers as well.

And remember the most important thing - the crisis, this so unexpected and unknown crisis, must make us even better people and far better managers.

This situation will change many of us for good. What’s important is to influence all of us for our best.


                                                                                                                                                                Source:  24 chassa Daily, March 2020


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