Maxim Behar at ICCO Global Summit 2019

ICCO – The International Communications Consultancy Organization, held its annual Global Summit 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal. Maxim Behar attended the forum in his capacity of past president and member of the board.

Important topics on global PR, communications, marketing, and leadership were discussed and Behar moderated one of the panels. He also took the opportunity to present his new book, The Global PR Revolution in front of the most prominent experts in the business around the world. The CEO of M3 Communication Group, Inc. had the chance to meet again with Paul Holmes, an institution in the PR industry, founder and chairman of The Holmes Report. Behar has always pointed out what a great influence Holmes has had on him and that becomes even clearer from Holmes’ quotation on the cover of The Global PR Revolution.

At the ICCO Global Summit 2019, the new president of the organization Nitin Mantri took the office from the outgoing president Elise Smith Mitchell, who inherited the post from Behar. The powerful trio discussed the past, present, and future of ICCO and the sustainable practices that can be applied for the development of the global PR organization.

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