What Maxim Behar Reads While Being Isolated?

In a time of social isolation, a good book can be a great choice if we want to get distracted, rest, learn something new, and why not use the book to take a trip to distant places. contacted editors, writers, managers and popular personalities in Bulgaria and asked them what are they reading right now. Check out what Maxim Behar - a journalist, businessman, diplomat, and founder of M3 Communications Group, Inc. said to us.


"Considering the situation it is obvious that now I have the time to read things that I have bought in recent months from big bookstores around the world, and e-books from But the one I'm reading at that moment is one of the particularly valuable books I've been given over the years by my wonderful friends, Janet and Martin Zaharievi. They always hit the bull’s eye when it comes to books! This one I decided to leave it for a special delight, but now, instead of waiting for that moment, I began to read it because of the immense need. Being the Boss was written by two great authors, Linda Hill and Kent Lebeck, and was published by Harvard, my favorite University, which I graduated just a year ago.


So: Being a boss, the hardest profession in this world, is already filtered through my eyes in a completely different light. Boss, director, manager, President, editor-in-chief... It's what I've been doing for over 30 years, but in the book I've found things that have opened my eyes to the modern world and – most importantly – to modern management. You don't necessarily have to be "a boss" to read this interesting book, it is for everyone – from the employee to the student and it is quite valuable for the high-ranked managers. As one of the corporate managers cited inside says: "It will be good this book to be read carefully from the whole federal government". Well, I'm impressed, of course, by the "three imperatives" of becoming a good leader... which they are - you can find only in the book! "



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