Maxim Behar at Online Forum "Modern PReading of Education" of M3 College

The team of M3 College organized the online forum "Modern PReading of Education", bringing together over 100 participants in the heated discussion, in which they commented on current topics related to education and what it means for young people. Special guests-commentators of the event were a number of famous people from the field of journalism, PR and education - Professor Lyubomir Stoykov, journalist Ani Tsolova, the host Niki Kanchev, the founder of SoftUni - Svetlin Nakov, Anka Kostova and Stefan Serezliev - lecturers from the college and Simona Medarova and Kristina Radkova, who are part of the team of M3 Communications Group.


All participants-commentators were united under the thesis that in order to be successful young professionals, a balance needs to be done between education and practice. Contrary to this statement, most commentators initially expressed the view that the practice was fundamental for good career development. "Practice is the most important thing so that education is not so ossified. Practice develops thinking. There are successful models for implementing the practice in education around the world and I believe we can apply them." - said Svetlin Nakov.


The end of the discussion put the words of the new Director of M3 College - Georgi Ivanov, who reminded us of the beginning of the college 15 years ago when the students of the college filled the halls of elite Bulgarian universities. Now he believes that the new online form of education will be even more successful because it is convenient for students to attend courses at a time convenient for them and foresees even greater success for the college.

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