Maxim Behar Is a Guest of the Online Workshop "Stay Safe, Stay Smart" of BalkanSat


Maxim Behar was a guest-commentator on the online workshop "Stay safe, stay smart" of BalkanSat, which was attended by a number of startups, accelerators, and institutions such as the Bulgarian Investment Agency. The event was organized to discuss important issues related to the startup ecosystem and investment opportunities in Bulgaria.


At the beginning of the discussion, BalkanSat CEO Vincent Stephanopoli commented on the key role of telecommunications during the recent coronavirus crisis: “Appropriate telecommunication infrastructure provides many opportunities for economics and societies to deal with crises such as COVID-19. In addition, a well-developed 5G ecosystem and secure technologies favor decentralization, which is extremely important. My prediction for the near future is that information will continue to spread freely around the world, but production will be rather local and people will travel less frequently than now”.


Stamen Yanev - the Executive Director of the Bulgarian Investment Agency participated in the online workshop "Stay safe, stay smart", presenting the new video with which Bulgaria will be promoted as a good investment destination, and he underlined that our country offers excellent conditions for the development of startups.

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