Maxim Behar on Online Forum of BBLF about Leadership

Maxim Behar participated in the BBLF online forum entitled "Leaders facing a crisis". Maxim has been part of the BBLF board for many years and is its former chairman. The discussion,  led by Maxim Behar from the BBLF Board, was attended by owners, managers, and top managers of over 35 companies and partners of BBLF.


A special guest at the discussion of the online forum was the TV producer Magardich Halvadjian, who commented on the current business situation in front of the management community of BBLF. "Leaders are individuals who are able to take responsibility for bold decisions in unforeseen circumstances" - said the renowned television producer and director Magardich Halvadjian. According to him, the only way to succeed is by experimenting with decisions, even if they are risky.


All participants in the discussion reached the statement that leaders are responsible for their bold decisions, and the current crisis makes their responsibilities even bigger. Decisions must be quick and clear in order to have a beneficial effect and keep businesses safe, even in times of global crisis.

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