Maxim Behar Is Part of a Webinar of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria

Maxim Behar participated in the webinar of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, which was attended by over 200 representatives of the business community. A special guest of the exclusive event was the American Ambassador to Bulgaria - H.E. Herro Mustafa, who had the opportunity to answer questions related to the current situation and present the position of her country to the participants in the discussion.


“I am proud of the support AmCham members have shown for Bulgaria in this challenging time, and have been awed by the generosity of U.S. companies.  In collaboration with AmCham’s leadership and members, the U.S. Embassy is working hard to strengthen U.S.-Bulgaria ties, and I am optimistic about the future” - said Ambassador Mustafa addressing the AmCham Bulgaria community.


During the webinar, the President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria - Olivier Marquette stated that they aspired to be active during the state of emergency, observing the measures and carrying out charitable causes. He mentioned that there are a number of examples of adapted businesses in the crisis, and the main goal of the chamber has been the constant focus on the basics of the business environment, protection of enterprises and employment.

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