Maxim Behar with a Lecture to the Students of the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute

Maxim Behar gave an online lecture for the trainee attach?s from the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute, led by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science - Tanya Mihailova. Maxim's experience for many years in the sphere of diplomacy and communications generated an interesting discussion about diplomacy, ethics, business transparency, the Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption, and diplomatic issues from Maxim's work as an Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Seychelles.


The virtual event, organized by the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute, was part of the curriculum of the diplomacy course for trainee attach?s "Marko Balabanov". The online event was held thanks to the agreement between the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute and the Association of Honorary Consuls in Bulgaria, whose President is Borislav Boyanov. The meeting was entitled "Communications and Modern Diplomacy", revealing the future of diplomatic representatives in the digital era, the ways to communicate in times of crisis, the behavior of world leaders in social networks, and the role of social and traditional media in diplomatic work.


The lecture with special guest Maxim Behar was organized for the first time, and the representatives of the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute said that they plan to hold more forums for their students.

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