Maxim Behar moderated First Davos Online Communication Summit

Maxim Behar moderated the First Online Communications Summit organized by the World Communication Forum Association n Davos, Switzerland. Maxim is the current President of the Association of the World Communication Forum and in his role as such was a speaker during the event. Important speeches were also made by David Gallagher, Francis Ingham, and Nitin Mantri,Cesare Valli, Johna Burke and many others. .


The online conference brought together more than 145 participants from 41 countries from all continents. Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The event aroused serious interest, heated discussion, and was a great success in the business community. The title of the meeting was "Crisis in the societies, crisis in the industry" and the current situation in business was discussed in detail, as well as new ideas and approaches in the business community.


"It was a great event and we were happy to have such a distinguished top professional both as speakers and as participants. We have been doing Communications Forums in Davos, Switzerland for the past 10 years and they were always among main global PR, Marketing, and Social Media events. Today - more than ever - it is important to keep together, to meet and to discuss, public communications are changing literally every day and we must keep an eye on that changes constantly "- Maxim Behar, WCFA President said.

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