Maxim Behar Hosts the 2019 Honorary Ambassador of Novinite Award Ceremony

Tsvetelina Nikolova, who is an entrepreneur and managing director of Katarzyna Estate by profession, was awarded as "Honorary Ambassador of Novinite 2019" in the "Business" category, in the ranking of Novinite Group.


The executive director of Novinite Group - Daniela Ketenlieva presented the award and shared that the choice for the Business category was very difficult, and the fact that it was won by a lady made the achievement even greater.


Tsvetelina Nikolova thanked for the award, she was extremely happy with the recognition and said that she will continue her active work to spread the Bulgarian wine culture around the world.


The award ceremony took place in the office of M3 Communications Group, where Maxim Behar, the agency's CEO, also greeted the new Honorary Ambassador of Novinite 2019.

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