The tsunami of social media that has conquered global communications
within a few years has swept away privacy, once predominant,
and has laid the groundwork for a new world where everything is
public—or is rapidly becoming so—and where everything is transparent—
or is about to be.
Welcome to the World of Total Transparency!
It might seem scary, but it will certainly be a better world.
Though, nobody is really obliged to be transparent in such an era.
Transparency remains a selectable feature, a matter of choice for
the individual.
However, when it comes to the corporate world, there isn’t a choice
anymore—there are no opt-outs from TT. A corporation’s sustainability
depends on transparency in this competitive world.
Modern-day consumer awareness has reached such staggering levels
that consumers get to know everything about a certain product
and the corporation producing it. If consumers are not informed the
same minute about any changes or alterations, they may never purchase
your product again.
Brands are no longer the property of the companies, but of the
consumers, and consumer power over brands is enormous.
As Paul Holmes has put it, and as I firmly believe: “A brand is what
people say about you when you are not in the room.”

There is no way to avoid total transparency anymore, at least when it comes to doing business. It is absolutely necessary and mandatory.


Excerpt from Maxim Behar's New book The Global PR Revolution, published by Allworth Press and distributed by Simon & Schuster.

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