Maxim Behar Leads a BBLF Discussion on Dealing with the Coronacrisis

Maxim Behar, along with more than 35 other BBLF members, took part in an online discussion on ways to tackle the economic crisis, a consequence of the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Maxim moderated the event, and a special guest on the online platform Zoom was Denitsa Sacheva, current Minister of Labor and Social Policy.


"The main goal of the measure to support business 60:40 is to support employment by providing funds for wages and encouraging employers to keep jobs" - said Denitsa Sacheva. A debate ensued, which included questions and answers on the current topic, about the consequences of the crisis, and the opportunities that the state offers to employers.


Minister Sacheva clarified to the Bulgarian business leaders that the next steps of the Government will be in line with the development of the situation in the country. Funds to support flexible employment will be granted only under stricter requirements for safe working conditions and health prevention, which will be specified and announced by the end of the year.

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