Maxim Behar for Bulgarian TV Show „Na kafe“: Everything that happened today will be old tomorrow.


The PR expert, who was announced as "Best PR Specialist in Europe" at the prestigious PRWeek awards, stood in front of the camera of „Na kafe“ to tell how the business changes during a pandemic and after it.

    -    I saw you were announced as as Best PR in Europe. How did this happen?

    -    PRWeek is the most influential media in the world, in our business. There are publications in many countries and I am extremely flattered that the American one annonced me as the best PR professional in Europe. I take it as a credit and as an assurance that we have yet to prove many, many more progress, because that is life, in fact. Everything that happened today will be old tomorrow. Everything that we have done today as a project, as creativity, as ideas, tomorrow someone else will have taken them and we must have new ones.


    -    How is the PR world changing during the pandemic?

    -    The PR world started to change long before the pandemic, but now, in the last few months, it has undergone a really huge revolution, mainly due to the fact that we have started to communicate more and more online and solve more and more crises, especially in the last few months.


    -    How often does a client think that he understands PR very well, even better than you, because he has watched something on TV?

    -   Less and less often. People came here to this office and said, „Do something related to PR, but leave Facebook to my secretary because she understands a lot about Facebook.“ I leave the meeting because you can't divide all this communication of one company into different elements: „I'll do this, you'll do that.“ It's like going to three dentists at the same time for the same problem. This means that this problem will never be solved. It is also very important how individuals, how social media users behave and work on their branding, express their opinion. I notice a growing tendency for all these social media users to think that they are the editors-in-chief of their media, and this is quite a risk. Everyone expresses an opinion without arguments, without anything, insults the state saying„I'm leaving, I can't live here.“ This creates a lot of tension, but I think in the next few years this problem will be solved, because everyone will actually understand the power of every word, every comma.


    -   I saw here in your office  there is an inscription that the bitterness of a bad result lasts longer than the sweetness of the low price. Do we have to go beyond our budget when we want to do a good job?

    -    I do not know a client who has a certain budget for his PR activities. There are usually some frames. Of course we have to get out of them when we have to solve a problem quickly, when we have to solve a crisis. What budgets are we talking about? You can have a budget of 100, but if you do not solve the crisis to lose 1000. Customers should know and we should all know that the cheap is really cheap. Our business is a crossroads between finance and creativity. However, you can pour a lot of money but if you do not have a good strategy, if you do not have a good project, if you do not have a good product then this money will be wasted.


    -    Will you go to the Seychelles or will you postpone it for now because of the COVID-19?

    -    Yes. I'm just waiting for the Seychelles to open their borders and I'll visit them immediately. I have nothing to worry about for the Seychelles. No one is currently infected with COVID-19. We had 11 people, 11 were cured. They were only foreigners. There you stand on the beach and everything is clean and everything is clear. The country is still closed, the moment they open the borders I will send you photos from there.


You can find the whole video HERE.

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