"The Morning After" is already on the Bulgarian market

The world-famous PR expert, diplomat and journalist - Maxim Behar, will present his new book "The Morning After" at the official premiere on October 15, 2020. from 18:00 at the Greenwich Book Center, in Sofia. The author personally took the first copy from the Veliko Tarnovo publishing house "Faber" on September 25 and thanked the publisher Neyko Ganchev.

The subtitle of the book - "COVID-19 brought "new normal" and business leaders must adjust their behavior. Read how it can be done.” reflects the current difficulties in the pandemic environment faced by small and large business leaders.

"These days will change the world forever. The world that, after the social media revolution, thought that hardly anything could happen to divert it from its hectic path forward. Well, it happened. The COVID-19 pandemic. I talk about it and many other things in this book. ", wrote the author in the preface.



The book can also be purchased online:





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