Maxim Behar speaker for the online conference “Africa Brand Summit” 2020

Maxim Behar has participated in the online conference "Africa Brand Summit 2020", which took place on October 7 in Cape Town, South Africa with a dynamic composition of influential local and international speakers.

He commented on the importance of global PR organizations, such as ICCO and the World Communication Forum Association in Davos, Switzerland, in creating a much better environment for transparent and ethical communications. At the conference, the PR expert also presented his new book "The Morning After" in Bulgarian, which will soon be published in English on

About Africa Brand Summit:
Representatives from Africa, along with other parts of the world, are working to restore Africa's economic development, the positive reputation of the continent and African citizens, the creation of cultural, social, political, legislative, corporate and economic initiatives, and the attraction of more African professionals and business leaders on the continent.

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