Official presentation of "The Morning After" by Maxim Behar in Sofia

The first book - guide for leaders during COVID-19 is already a fact in Bulgaria! "The Morning After" was officially presented by the PR expert and author Maxim Behar at Greenwich Book Center. Among those attended the premiere were prominent business entrepreneurs, diplomats, journalists, university lecturers, and celebrities.

The premiere was broadcasted live on Facebook in front of an even larger audience of fans, who also watched the real-time presentation and learned more about the content of "The Morning After” by the author, and positive impressions by its publisher - Neiko Genchev, owner of the publishing house "Faber".

"The Morning After" is a special book - it refers to everything that happened in Bulgaria and in the world from March 1 this year until now. In it I share my experience - how I restructured my business, what I did with my company so that the crisis, caused by COVID-19 would not affect us. The book also contains many examples from the business in Europe and the United States and advice from proven experts in various fields. Other crises, such as the financial crisis in 2008 is also analysed and compared to the coronavirus situation", said Maxim Behar during the premiere.

The book is also one of the first on the market dedicated to leadership during a pandemic and can now be purchased from all major bookstores in the country.

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