Maxim Behar with Honorary Diploma for Contribution to Bulgarian Education

The leading PR expert Maxim Behar received an honorary diploma for his contribution to Bulgarian education based on his participation in the educational project SHORTcut Academy, providing a video lesson in the field of communications.

Over 200 schools in Bulgaria received free access to online training on "New rules for communication in the modern world." It is focused on Behar’s most valuable knowledge and key moments from his 25 years of experience in communications.

"I agreed to participate in this project because of my worship to education, among other things such as my business, my friends and family, and Bulgaria. I hope you learn something interesting to apply tomorrow in your business, in what you see and do, in the way you think. It’s essential for you to develop, change and learn interesting things, "said Maxim Behar.

Find below the comments of students who passed the training:

"Extremely valuable communications management messages. Synthesized, short, but comprehensive! ”, Diana Georgieva

"Charismatic, inspiring, ambitious, resourceful and extremely invigorating. The vibe that Maxim gives you with this video makes you start working on the things you are postponing or further developing the ones you are currently working on and keep learning something new every day! Thanks! ”, Violeta

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