Maxim Behar for Manager News: Positive messages will save business


The world-famous PR expert is the first to start Manager News’ series, which tracks trends, analyzes and forecasts for 2021, based on changes in business, marketing and communications following the pandemic.

- How does the language of communication change under the influence of the COVID crisis?

Everything has changed under the influence of the COVID crisis, not just the language. In fact, language has always been secondary, it changes according to circumstances, time, generations, the influence of others, and external factors. Remember how many English words have entered and continue to enter our language after the social media boom ... In 2020, the language was most strongly influenced by the changes in relations between people, especially in business. And the word for its change is - it has become more pragmatic, simple and precise. Our communications, especially verbally, and mainly on online video platforms have changed - the long introductions, explanations, emotional exclamations that preceded every conversation only a year ago have disappeared. We already use less words, we are far more direct and somehow in every communication we look for quick results, if possible tomorrow, because no one knows what will happen the next day ... I consider this change as very good. The results are what matters in every business, and the pragmatic approach only helps to achieve them quickly.

- Which approaches and messages in marketing and brand communication will be successful in 2021?

Any reasonable approach that works will be profitable. The messages must be positive in order to stand out against the background of the rather gloomy business forecasts, which will undoubtedly come true in 2021. Powerful and very important for Bulgaria industries such as hospitality, air transport, tourism in all its dimensions are collapsing and will probably never be able to cope with its previous scale. This will lead to a sharp reduction in volumes in many other sectors such as construction, supply and much more.

Of course, there should be no “vacuum” in business. All these companies will change their businesses in a way to find their good place in the bigger picture, but for this they will need really positive messages, clear and accurate business-oriented communication. I strongly hope that my colleagues in the communications business will change in such a way that they will be even better at "fitting in" with their clients and with society as a whole.

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