Shall We Try Hybrid…?

In his weekly column "Max's Column" for TBmagazine, Maxim Behar talks about the difficulties and changes in the Bulgarian economy and business and the only force that counts - experience.

The intoxication and the confusion of remote working over the past two years seems to be over. We complained and groaned about how we were going to manage everything from a distance and how we were going to control who was doing how. It just happened that we passed that test as well. We somehow got used to seeing our colleagues as small squares on our screens, we easily began to recognize who works in the living room, who in the kitchen, what pictures are on the wall.

Now we have to get used to the noise in the office again and the small and cute messes in it. But we also suddenly realize how much time we wasted in transport, in traffic jams and in picking an outfit every morning. Now we try to transform this time into something more useful. For example - work. Or in reading an interesting book or simply browsing the Internet.

And here is the new reality. We must find a good balance between everything we have done so far, have done before and will do in the future. For now, we call it hybrid working. It will certainly remain so, and the main activity of every manager today is to understand the specifics of the company, the customers, and the team so that everyone feels comfortable.

Because there is nothing more important than that these days!

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