"Dream Area". Right?

In his weekly column "Max's Column" for TBmagazine, Maxim Behar talks about the difficulties and changes in the Bulgarian economy and business and the only force that counts - experience.

Governor Bob Miller is a very calm and level-headed gentleman. He governed the state of Nevada at the time and was one of the main factors, as he often said, in turning it from a desert into a vast garden attracting millions of tourists. We wanted with all our hearts to do something similar in Bulgaria. It was even easier, because it was not a desert here at all, but quite the opposite. We were standing in my office, the smallest room in the entire huge building, when I pulled out an inscription on the monitor: “Bulgaria - Dream Area”. The governor suddenly broke his composure, straightened his six-foot-tall figure from his already narrow chair, and shouted just one word: Cool!

Thus began the first international conference in the history of Bulgaria, which aimed to "sell" to millions of tourists from abroad what Bulgaria is - a truly "Dream Area" – full of wonderful young, intelligent, ambitious and very well-educated people, which should be visited at all costs. We held seven consecutive annual conferences on this topic, we welcomed hundreds and maybe thousands of people from all over the world – ministers, royalty, millionaires, giant tour operators... and we told everyone what an amazing country Bulgaria is. By the way, the majority of them really believed and tourism in Bulgaria increased quickly.

Now, when Bulgaria needs a new jump start, a new tourism slogan, a new vision, and a completely new face in front of the world, “Bulgaria - Dream Area” is the wonderful message, that can put it back on the map of interesting destinations. I offered to sell my rights for one Euro to the Bulgarian state in a letter to Prime Minister Petkov and several other ministers. I didn't even get a polite rejection, although that would have been absurd.

Complete silence.

And so – until the next government. Because dreams must come true.

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