Maxim Behar: Ethics, Ethics, Ethics.

The message from M3 Communications Group, Inc. CEO and Chairman and ICCO Chair for International Growth, Maxim Behar, ahead of the 2022 ICCO Global Summit.

October 12-13th, Dubai will be the global capital of Public Relations. From my understanding, and according to my vision and my definition, his is telling the truth in a way people understand it. So, there are two important things – truth and understanding. Simple and clear messages to the audience. So lets talk about the first one – the truth, which is the base of the modern Public Relations. Ethics, transparency, this is telling the truth. So, from that perspective, the workshop on ethical business will be one of the most important in the summit. So, I warmly invite you to take part in this workshop in this panel to share your opinion, to send your questions even in advance to the ICCO management, and to participate with us in this crucially important discussion about the future of the modern Public Relations. We cannot even think to do our business without this important point.

Now the second part is to tell the truth in a way people understand it. This is the most creative part, but without the first one we can’t do anything. Ethics, Ethics, Ethics. These are the three most important words in our business!

Welcome to the Global ICCO Summit in Dubai. I will be very happy with all my colleagues from ICCO, from PRCA and from all over the world to meet you and to discuss the issues of the modern business.

Watch the whole video here.

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