Maxim Behar: Facebook is At The Heart of The Revolution That Has Affected and Changed The PR Business

Few days after the Bulgarian premiere of his book The World PR Revolution, Maxim Behar spoke for the online newspaper Economic Life, commenting on the PR changes, the revolution in communications and stereotypes that spread among public.

Commenting on the Revolution in Social Media, Maxim predicts the next level in which the artificial intellect will be integrated and involved in PR activities and the PR experts will increasingly rely on it. On the other hand, creativity and endless imagination come from man and creative thinking would hardly be replaced by robots: we need to rely on our owintelligence and motivation for proactive strategies. However, Maxim won’t be surprised if the best-selling paintings are made by robots.

With the development of social media, the management of different businesses has undergone a radical change. For sure, Facebook is at the heart of the Revolution, affecting and changing the PR business, as well as fake news, fake profiles and hacking attacks that are the new dangers to the PR business. However, Behar mentions that the benefits are endless and we should concentrate on them: “There are risks everywhere, but we need to know how to deal with them and the faster we learn, the more experienced we become in business, and in life. This is especially true of social media, which development we are yet to see. Let's not forget that even the worst decision is better than no decision.“ - quoting one of the most important rules in business which he describes in detail in his book “ 111 Rules on Facebook”

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