Princess Kalina learned Seychellois recipes from Maxim Behar

Dressed in a Seychelles shirt and white suit, PR expert and Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Seychelles in Bulgaria Maxim Behar welcomed the guests at the presentation of his new book. The book is "Seychelles Cuisine and more about "Heaven on Earth" and contains 25 recipes, photos, and various stories about Seychelles.

H.R.H. Kalina, Princess of Bulgaria, and her husband Kitin Munoz, banker Hide/show content Levon Hampartzumyan, Chef Andre Tokev, Uti Bachvarov, and others were guests at the presentation.

"This might be the first interesting book I write, because I usually write about business, who reads it or no," joked Maxim Behar. The idea for it came from the show "The cherry of the cake", in which Behar decided to cook Seychellois cuisine. After his participation, he received many calls asking him to share recipes. "I have tried to make all the spices in these recipes easy to find," said the PR expert.

According to him, there are three things that make an impression when one goes to a country. These are: the cuisine, the natural, and the people. And "love for a country goes through the stomach" is his conclusion.

"I congratulate Maxim for his initiative to promote a cuisine that is not so well known in Bulgaria. The recipes are very interesting and easy, most of the products are there and the fish can be replaced with some other," said chef Andre Tokev, who is also the first reader of the book.

"It's good to learn how to cook, and if you have to choose a cuisine, pick the one from the islands - no one wastes time cooking there," advised banker Levon Hampartzumyan at the launch of Behar's book.

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