Is it the advisers or the ministers?

In his weekly column "Max's Column" for TBmagazine, Maxim Behar talks about the difficulties and changes in the Bulgarian economy and business and the only force that counts - experience.

Oh..., times are complicated. A minister (in this case of tourism) shoots off to visit the remnants of the unprecedented floods around Tsarevo, taking heroic photos amidst the devastation with clean, white boots on which the tourist "logo" of Bulgaria is sewn. All the while, she looks thoughtfully out at the vast expanse and (probably) suffers for the victims and the devastation. A picture that - believe me - we wouldn't have seen in the newspapers in the days of developed socialism. Because, after all, a person over the age of 15 might well realize that this is an operetta. And since we are still in 2023 and the most uneducated person can put together two and two, this is downright outrageous.

And now the question is, who cooked up this insane over-salted "dish"? Was it the councilors or the lady herself? Opinions will surely be divided here, and I know how the know-it-alls will shake their heads confidently and repeat, "Well, the PR people, they're to blame...".

Surely some of them have overplayed their hand and decided to naively go back twenty years out of ignorance. However - let's not forget - in the end, the politician decides. And no one else!

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