To the mayor, whoever he is...

In his weekly column "Max's Column" for TBmagazine, Maxim Behar talks about the difficulties and changes in the Bulgarian economy and business and the only force that counts - experience.

Because now the whole Bulgaria will rush to elect a mayor, so I thought that there should be a few universal requirements. Wherever the mayor in question is.

Naturally - first he should go to work at least two days a week by public transport, and if he is in the village - by bicycle. Then, one evening, as by law, to pass through the neighborhood or village pub and drink one or two, whatever he chooses, with his neighbors, he will learn interesting things from them. One sentence to remember will do him good.

After that, probably the most important thing about big cities. A mandatory meeting once a month with the big employers, with the businesses that the municipality, the district, the state is based on. It took at least two hours and cell phones turned off.

There - that's if it happens, things will go better. And any mayor will succeed much more, whoever he is...

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