Maxim Behar's Book About Seychelles Wins International Culinary Award

Maxim Behar's first cookbook “The Magic of Seychelles Cuisine and Stories from the “Paradise on Earth” was recognized as the “Best in the World” by the international Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2023 in the category “Book about Africa published outside Africa”. This was the 29th edition of the prestigious competition, which this year was held in Saudi Arabia with the participation of authors from over 200 countries around the world. Set to elevate the Seychelles cuisine and culture globally, the book is now available in English, Bulgarian and soon in French.

Maxim Behar shared his excitement, “This award is a great recognition of Seychelles and its cultural richness, which makes me very happy and proud to be able to introduce readers to this wonderful destination. In fact, the book contains all the essentials – 25 special recipes from Seychellois cuisine, many interesting stories about the Seychelles and its locals, and a great selection of photos taken by me over the years.”

“The Magic of Seychelles Cuisine and Stories from the “Paradise on Earth” is a book that will inspire you to try something new in the kitchen and take you on a journey to Seychelles with delicious and easy to prepare Seychellois dishes combined with memorable stories. Readers will have the opportunity to learn about the culture and traditions of Seychelles as well as enjoy traditional Creole cuisine – from classic seafood specialties to local dishes with exotic ingredients. The book is not just for chefs and culinary enthusiasts – it presents Seychelles as a place where nature, culture and food create a true sense of paradise on Earth.

The English version of the book has dedication on the back cover, written by the legendary Seychelles musician Joe Samy: “Our Seychelles Honorary Consul General in Bulgaria Mr. Maxim Behar certainly knows the reasons why he has fallen in love with the Seychelles Islands. One of these reasons is certainly this unique blend of culinary traditions that has been flourishing for more than 250 years with the arrival of the first French, African, Indian and Chinese settlers to the shores of the Seychelles Islands. With great pride Maxim Behar has once more seized the opportunity to share his love for my country to the world, and this time through its cuisine…

The book “The Magic of Seychelles Cuisine and Stories from the “Paradise on Earth” initially debuted in Bulgarian and is currently accessible in various formats, including print, digital, and audio. Moreover, it is now available in English for sale on Amazon, with an upcoming release in French.

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