11 Most Important Global Trends in PR for 2019

The beginning of 2019 is time for new inspiration and successful PR projects as well as the right moment for revaluation when it comes to PR. My sincere wish is to share with thousands of followers worldwide the 11 most important global trends in PR which I consider will rule the upcoming 12 months.

The first trend marks the importance of social media. Yes, the business of today is unthinkable without social media, it is like the air for it and I face that universal truth every day in PR work in M3 Communications Group. Inc. Social media is not optional anymore, but the core of the PR business (Trend #1).
It is the essence.

Measurement changed its status also, now it is easy! Measurement of the results is easy as it never been before and now it must be checked daily (Trend #2). The business now can be done on a daily base.

When people say content they hardly imagine the importance of it. And is not about the plain content, really.Premium focused content becomes much more important than just content (Trend #3).
Premium business content will be the king of communications!

Everybody talks that time passes so quickly, but do they realize the power in that. Never underestimate the speed! Speed is everything – the faster is the communication, the more successful will be the campaign (Trend #4). Speed, indeed, is the Queen of communications – the faster it is, the more successful is the campaign.

When you think you are over the others because of your size, you are at the edge of the fail. Bigger may not win over smaller, but faster ”eat” slower in the communications business (Trend #5). Faster in business will "eat" slower, size is no longer the differentiator.

Even the status of the office changes so quickly. We are so facilitated to work from everywhere now. Working from home or just from a coffee shop will be more and more common (Trend #6). What I expect is, that working from home will become even more effective than before.

Modern PR relies more and more on influencers’ support… Influencers, influencers, what a modern word with an empty content...And still part of the game.Influencers must be judged not by the number of followers, but by their qualities (Trend #7). These days everyone can pretend he is an influencer, but when it comes to the results, a number of followers must not be the rule, the qualities of the person should be determinant.

Thinking of the reflection of the brand is the driving force in the PR sector. The power of the brand will be based only on what people say about you when you are not in the room (Trend #8). It will be important than ever before.

So what happened in the last few years, well, borders between PR, advertising and digital disappeared.
No borders anymore between PR and advertising, both they operate on social media platforms (Trend #9). Now the question is what will be the name of the new business indeed.

PR is to expect all. Artificial intelligence is expanding in all fields. Artificial intelligence first time will get its visible market share in public relations (Trend #10). So be ready for all which we cannot use if we don’t have the natural intelligence, unfortunately.

Last but not least at all is the importance of the realization of good ideas. Speed again and quick and adaptive thinking will rule the PR situation for sure. Good ideas are good only if they are implemented immediately (Trend #11).
So never leave a good idea staying in the distant future shelves on your mind, make it work now!


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