Maxim Behar TEDx ACSofia:Do it today!

"As you know - life is like riding a bicycle, you have to turn the pedals and do not stop to make sure you won't fall ... If you do not believe it - try it yourself!", said Maxim Behar, founder of M3 Communications Group, Inc. and former ICCO President, during the edition of the TEDx ACSofia

Maxim Behar has clearly addressed the issue of decisions taken on a daily basis and the problems associated with these decisions. Permanent postponement and wondering, which solution is right and which is not, whether it is now the moment, and if it is not, what are the consequences?

"Nearly 10 years ago, early in the morning, I stood for about an hour in the shower, and in my head was jus a single thought - why, why, why people do not make decisions today, postpone, wait for the right moment, destroy their businesses, accuse others, but not themselves, and still do not take any decisions ... I think the worst decision is better than no decision ", shares Maxim.

Today in the PR business, minutes are like hours were a decade ago. Every word that was published for or against client or partner some years ago had to wait for the next newspapers to be published and consumed in order to be widely disseminated. Now this happens literally in seconds, and if the experts in this business are not well prepared to respond lightning, damages can be like a bomb.

Every day, every hour, we need to take decisions now, per a second, and this requires an incredibly large and tremendous preparation, almost like encyclopedic knowledge, good experience and logical, sequential actions.

It is clear that already a business build for 20 years can be crashed in 20 seconds ...

It is clear that planning is a huge 0 if it is not followed by action immediately.

It is clear that you can return everything from this world - lost money, spoiled goods, even lost trust and respect ... Everything. Except for the lost time.

"In fact, when I had to formulate my speech topic a few months ago, I used the word " today ". If I have to choose the topic today, I would say, "Do it now!" Today is a concept as long as eternity, "Maxim said.

Maxim believes that social media, unrestricted access to information andĀ enormous opportunities of sharing have turned the world upside down - depending on where we look at it. But whatever the point of view is, the conclusion is more than clear - whatever we do, let's do it now.

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