The PR expert Maxim Behar with lecture at National Trade and Banking High School

The PR expert Maxim Behar and Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Seychelles was a guest of 8th grade students at the The National Trade and Banking High School, Sofia. The high school is 105 years old and is a well-known economic school with a great authority.

Maxim Behar introduced the students to the development of the PR business in Bulgaria. Outlined the prospects and the basic rules in this business. He explaind how initially PR agencies were a bridge between business and the media. But things are starting to change with the introduction of social media into our lives, especially because of Facebook. Today, even high school students are some kind of media owners, while having their FB pages even they can be both media owners and reporters and their posts might be be read by thousands of people, if they share interesting and creative content. It is very important for the success of any business to work with people with good skills and always ready to do their best. The combination of Skills and Efforts is like a product of numbers. If one of the two factors is 0, then the result will be 0.

Maxim Behar present in front of the students the Law of the Three S. Speed - the reaction time of a PR agency is now down to 5-10 minutes. Maxim Behar gave examples with big companies that have hundreds of thousands of customers a day, each with a FB profile and any of this consumers can release negative news that should be immediately reacted. Then it's Simplicity - in this complex world most of the time simple but effective solutions work the better. And finally Selfconfidence - every employee must have the confidence that he can manage a problem and find his exact solution. He introduced the students to his important rule, known as the Rule of Maxim - when you recive at the office an email with a questions, an emploee is supposed to answer imediatly within 5 minutes. This creates confidence in the client and trust that the problem will be solved.

The students were very impressed by this lecture, due to the fact that this meeting for most of the students was the first meeting with a real businessman.

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