Maxim Behar attending the 9th annual CRG Meeting

The 9th European annual meeting of SERGS was held in LILLE, France on June 14-16, 2017. The CRG (the French surgical group in gynaecological robot-assisted laparoscopy) was pleased to organize this famous meeting for the second time.

For years, teams have worked diligently on developing mini-invasive surgery, especially in gynaecology. Mini-invasive surgery, which includes conventional, single-port and robot-assisted laparoscopy, is the referent surgical approach (e.g., in endometrial cancer) because of a significant decrease in early postoperative morbidity.

The organization is initiating the mini-invasive management of gynaecology patients by increasing mini-invasive surgery, including conventional, single port, and robot-assisted surgery, and encouraging the development of specific instruments and fast-track surgery. With more instances of mini-invasive surgery occurring, medicine have seen an increase in patients who want a short hospitalisation following their procedure.

"When it comes to health people are constantly looking for new methods and innovative ways of surgery and health care. I am happy that had the chance to see how new technologies work and how the healthcare sector is changing positively. Being part of event like this one made me believe that Medicine is moving in a really good direction." :said Maxim

"It was great Annual Meeting of the Society of European Robotic Gynecological Surgery and together with prof. Slavcho Tomov, the Rector of Pleven Medical University and Velina Dukova we carefully look at every single detail as the same meeting will take place in Sofia or Pleven just two years from now." :said Maxim excitedly

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