World Communication Forum 2015 - Davos, Switzerland

The PR expert Maxim Behar was the only Bulgarian participant in the 2015 World Communication Forum in Davos.

"Five years ago here in Davos I argued that education in the sphere of the PR business was undergoing a harsh test", Maxim Behar stated during the Forum.

Maxim Behar, a member of the Board of the World Communication Forum, also participated in a discussion on modern PR education. "The problem now is that 99% of the media content, by that I mean social media content, is created by amateurs, by people who are not professionally involved in communications. This immensely increases the obligation of each and every PR manager related to training professionalists quickly," Behar stated. The Bulgarian PR expert suggested that theory was dramatically lagging behind real developments in the PR business all over the world.

During the Forum, Behar was also elected as one of the seven members of the Executive Committee of the newly established World Communication Forum Association (WCFA).