Prince Charles and Maxim Behar at the first conference "Practical Management of Business Ethics", 2003

The Prince of Wales personally awarded the Business Ethics Standard of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum to six companies, which have declared their wish to sign and adopt it. Prince Charles handed the Standard to the managers of the six candidate companies during his second official visit to Bulgaria at the first annual conference "Practical Management of Business Ethics" in Sofia.

The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF) is associated with The Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum, initiated by HRH The Prince of Wales at an international business leadership meeting in Charleston, South Carolina, which he convened in February 1990.

"For all those 1588 days (since the BBLF existed), Sir, we were fully committed to the original ideas of the International Business Leaders Forum founded by you," Maxim Behar, Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum Chairman said at the conference.