Cannes Festival 2011

PR expert Maxim Behar and the actress Teodora Duhovnikova were the first Bulgarian who participated in the final two days of the Cannes Film Festival as ambassadors of Bulgaria at the invitation of the organizers and Chivas Regal, the exclusive partner of the Cannes Festival.

"I had an important role to play in Cannes, though not a movie role. It has been my mission for years on end to improve Bulgaria's image abroad and explain to people what a wonderful country it is. I think I succeeded this time in convincing many people, who can invest here," shared Maxim Behar after his return.

Each year Chivas Regal organizes an elite event in a specially selected house, to which popular personalities from around the world are invited. They are selected for being opinion leaders in their country. The initiative aims the preservation and fostering of values such as chivalry, honor, and dignity.

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