The PR expert Maxim Behar talks about tourism during the summer season 2017 on Bulgaria on Air TV

In our country there is no national branding and this inevitably affects the quality of the product offered.", said the PR expert Maxim Behar

The advertisement that Bulgaria is doing is zero at the moment - it's not just a brochure. There is still no country branding. Bulgaria still has no logo. The main mistake is that there was no promotion at all in Bulgaria ... People need to be shown in Bulgaria and what we have, but we have to do it proactively.", added Maxim

He appealed for the creation of a regulation institution by representatives of the advertising business, PR experts, representatives of the tourism industry, doctors and so on immediately after the end of the season.

As for the increased prices of medical services by the sea, Maxim clarified - if there is a price list are also paying taxes. Also in other countries, the same services cost much more.“, he said.

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