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James Mancham International Centre for Peace Studies, Diplomacy was Officially Launched

11 August 2017

Established more than a year ago, under the auspice of the University of Seychelles the Sir James Mancham International Centre for Peace Studies and Diplomacy was officially launched on the day of his 78th birthday by his widow, Lady Catherine Mancham.

The ceremony took place at the Eden Blue Hotel and was attended by the Vice President Vincent Meriton, former President James Michel, ministers, members of the diplomatic corps and other guests.It comprised several presentations, a poem honoring the remarkable work of late Sir James. And the gathering was even blessed by Anglican Church.

By this date the president of the association is Alexander Mancham, late Sir James' son. He formed an International Board of Trustees witch comprise members from all around the world who can bring value experience to the center. He believes that they will spread ideas of late Sir James in his long standing quest for peace and diplomacy.

Maxim Behar has the honor to be the first International Chairman of the Board of Trustees. He shared  that one of the center's objectives is to be able to organize an international conference on a world peace.

“I am proud and honored to serve as Chairman of the International Board of Trustees.”, said Maxim, “The Inauguration of Sir James Mancham International Centre for Peace Study & Diplomacy turned into amazing high-leveled diplomatic and political event, such as only late Sir James can deserve in Seychelles. I am so happy that lot of friends, politicians, diplomats, and businessmen came to share our vision and to promise, even swear that all we will develop the enormous legacy Sir James dedicated not only to Seychelles but to the whole world.”

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