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Maxim Behar supports the Manifesto Against Hate Speech

6 February 2019

The diplomat and leading PR expert Maxim Behar, without any doubts, is among the socially responsible people, who always and immediately react against any social injustice and indications of processes which threaten rights and freedoms of all citizens in Bulgaria and everywhere in the world.

He was one of the first Bulgarians who shared video in Facebook his message, which was focused on the most important thing when it comes to the development of our Bulgarian society and which ensured and saved Bulgaria inseparable through the ages – the tolerance towards differences. Maxim Behar fiercely believes that tolerance and unity in diversity are the keys to the success of Bulgaria in the future.

Maxim Behar emphasized in the video: “If there is a Word of the Year 2019, which to be defined today, so this word is Tolerance! It essential that we all should be tolerant to succeed. That is why I sign and support the Manifesto Against Hate Speech as only mutual understanding, tolerance to religious, national, ideological and any differences will make Bulgaria a better place to live, a better place to make business and finally we will all make Bulgaria a better country for its citizens and guests and the world a great and peaceful place to live in. Remember, the word of 2019 is TOLERANCE.

The video in Bulgarian can be seen HERE.


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