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Lou Tice, who taught the world how to speak better

I landed in Seattle after a very long flight, a small van is waiting to take me directly to... the airport again to board Lou Tice’s private jet... I have made a short research abound about him in advance and ... »

One King and two Barons...

“But do you know how two barons have had an extraordinary influence on the development of Bulgaria... Both, I can proudly say, did it with Belgian investments... Both of them bear the prestigious title of "baron"!” If an ambassador, or ... »

The “brat’ched” who changed Bulgaria forever…

-Brat’ched (Bulgarian slang for “cousin”), this city will be shining brightly once we celebrate the opening. I will make you proud, you will see… Sofia’s mayor, then Boyko Borissov, was looking at me rather stunned and in his eyes, I ... »

PR is the business of truth...

Stockholm is a lovely city in summer and not so welcoming in late autumn, mainly because there is a slight cold wind from the coast, and the spaces between the buildings are quite open to give it free path... I've ... »

Hola Felipe, Hola European Bulgaria...

Felipe is a legend from several points of view. Apart from his name sounding rather solemnly and his hairstyle, styling, and everything else suggesting something revolutionary and the start of important changes, all his actions taking over post-Francoist Spain and ... »

Bill, who didn't always watch from the sidelines...

It was almost midnight, we were finishing our dinner in a small restaurant near the ring road, very fashionable at that time, in the end of the 90s in Sofia, when good restaurants were no more than the fingers of ... »

In the photo: Maxim Behar and Mikhail Gorbachev, Sofia, Sheraton Hotel, May 2002

Gorby's Grip…

No one in the world, not even the best Soviet experts, expected a politician who would change the world in just a few days. ... It was a little bit after midnight. I was already falling asleep after a glass or ... »

Shimon Peres, the man who constantly showed optimism...

Maxim Behar tells the story of his meeting with Shimon Peres, one of the most influential figures of modern times who has held the most important political roles in Israel as President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. This is a ... »

Baron Janssen or just "Mr. Solvay"

Maxim Behar writes about his meeting with Baron Daniel Janssen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Belgian industrial group Solvay, Chairman of the Council of the European Round Table and award winner for his great contribution to the ... »

Ban Ki-moon, who didn't stop solving puzzles for peace

Maxim Behar shares his exciting meeting with former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in his author series "Priceless Lessons" for BGLOBAL magazine.Ban Ki-moon, who didn't stop solving puzzles for peaceThe Korean diplomat, who served two terms as UN Secretary ... »