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Maxim Behar and James Shields, Estero, Florida, January 2024

James Shields, the re-discoverer of Bulgaria...

"Hey Max, they told me your company can make business cards..." Even though I was still in the early stages of my business and my office had only one assistant who hadn't even finished a university degree yet, those ... »

German, European... and almost Bulgarian

I have always wondered how we could prove how grateful we are... Making him an honorary citizen, somehow might work. I haven't read or heard of a university in Bulgaria that has made him a Doctor Honoris Causa, or a ... »

Text to the photo: Maxim Behar and Prince Michael of Kent, Sofia, May 2023

Prince Michael of Kent, still curious about Bulgaria

I hadn't heard of him. It was obviously my mistake. He appeared out of nowhere in all his dignity, with no fuss, no security, or luxury cars, not even honors or royal business cards. Modest and befitting his titles, an ... »

In the picture: Maxim Behar and Nancy Gibbs, Harvard Kennedy School, 2019

When Donald Trump called to scold me...

- In American politics, you can meet anything... But really. Even people like Donald Trump. In the winter of 2019, the "unconventional" President Trump is in his element so while talking to Nancy Gibbs I don't even look at my ... »

The last public photograph of Francis Ingham (right), with Maxim Behar and Lord Black of Brentwood, House of Lords, London, November 2022

Francis, who always did the hard things easily...

  I was sitting with Francis Ingham at the elite Bucks Club in London recently, just in the foyer having a cocktail before dinner, when a stylish waiter in a white jacket, gloves, and bow tie came in, turned to ... »

In the picture: Lou Tice and Maxim Behar, Seattle, 2011

Lou Tice, who taught the world how to speak better

  I landed in Seattle after a very long flight, a small van is waiting to take me directly to… the airport again to board Lou Tice’s private jet… I have done a short research about him in advance and ... »

Maxim Behar with King Albert II at the Boyana Residence, October 2003

One King and two Barons...

  “But do you know how two barons have had an extraordinary influence on the development of Bulgaria… Both, I can proudly say, did it with Belgian investments… Both of them bear the prestigious title of “baron”!” If an ambassador ... »

Eli Egosi discusses with Maxim Behar in 2005 the construction of Mall of Sofia, the first modern shopping mall in Bulgaria

The “brat’ched” who changed Bulgaria forever…

-Brat’ched (Bulgarian slang for “cousin”), this city will be shining brightly once we celebrate the opening. I will make you proud, you will see… Sofia’s mayor, then Boyko Borissov, was looking at me rather stunned and in his eyes, I ... »

Maxim Behar and John Saunders, London, 2015

PR is the business of truth...

Stockholm is a lovely city in summer and not so welcoming in late autumn, mainly because there is a slight cold wind from the coast, and the spaces between the buildings are pretty open to give it a free path… ... »

Maxim Behar and Spanish Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez, Boyana Residence, September 1995

Hola Felipe, Hola European Bulgaria...

Felipe is a legend from several points of view. Apart from his name sounding rather solemnly and his hairstyle, styling, and everything else suggesting something revolutionary and the start of significant changes, all his actions taking over post-Francoist Spain and ... »

Bill, who didn't always watch from the sidelines...

  It was almost midnight; we were finishing our dinner in a small restaurant near the Ring Road, very fashionable at that time, at the end of the 90s in Sofia, when good restaurants were no more than the fingers ... »